Hillary Raimo
is an artist, energy healer, intuitive medium, radio show host and master creatrix.


With a traditional background in Psychology, Hillary has spent 20 years studying shamanic medicine with a variety of traditional and non-traditional teachers. She is a graduate of Lynn Andrews Center for Sacred Arts and Training/LACSAT, where she received a non-denominational minister certification through S.H.E.S. Hillary is a certified Usui and Karuna Reiki Master Teacher trained by Sue Vazal, and currently teaches students and trainings at Soul Space in Albany, New York. Hillary is the founder of Love Breathe for Earth and YinRadioTV. As a writer Hillary shares regularly on her long time blog The Yin Factor and currently co-authors The Intuitive Matrix blog with Betsy Peerless.


Hillary Raimo, founder of Love, Breathe for Earth global meditations with nature and YinRadioTV, has been a long time leading female voice in the alternative radio industry for over a decade.

Her voice has inspired millions of listeners worldwide to find their passion and honor their inner light.

She asks the good questions of leading authors, researchers and experts in a plethora of intriguing fields of study. SUBSCRIBE to Hillary’s YouTube channel to listen to her archives and stay up to date on new shows.

Hillary Raimo is an expert on multi-dimensional healing.

She specializes in communicating about how the mind/body healing process frees consciousness on a personal to global level in order to help enable body energy and collective consciousness to transcend time and space. With a focus on shadow healing, releasing pain and trauma she works closely with clients to integrate and heal on all levels.

Hillary’s interviews, writings and client work include her focus on personal and current collective world situations and events, interpretations and perspectives with a deep understanding of ancient cultures, sacred sites, the paranormal, and esoteric systems applied within the context of the unique universal tapestry of unfolding knowledge. With her intuitive insights, her writings share the combination of her special intuitive and self-empowerment skills to help people on all levels and from all cultures so they can become aware of current paradigms and choices available for their future. She presents updated research and information that can help everyone move into states of higher frequency in order to live in the best of health and well-being for multi-dimensional living. She is author of the popular wordpress blog The Yin Factor and co-author of The Intutive Matrix with astrologer Betsy Peerless.


Hillary has contributed to numerous articles and publications including recently published books entitled Kids Who See Ghosts by Dr. Caron Goode, Prophetic Voices by Maria Yraceburu, Whose Stuff Is This? by best-selling author Yvonne Perry, and Oracle of Initiation: Rainbows in the Dark by Melissa Weiss-Steele. Hillary is the author of Money Matters for Mind, Body & Spirit and Life According to an Unknown. Hillary has been featured in The Path documentary series including the newly released The Path: Evolution and Hope for Humanity.

Internationally recognized, Hillary has been an invited guest star on a variety of radio and TV shows including Universal 7 Radio, LA Talk Radio Sam & Suzy in the Morning, Dr. Gabriella Kortsch Radio in Spain, Dynamic Transformations with Mark Patterson, Extreme Dream Radio with Laurie Santos, Wake Up Your Magic TV with Susan Guild, Knights of Awakening Radio, Multidimensional Healing with Esateys on World Puja Network, Law of Distraction and Interruption with Joe Carroccio, The Lois Berman Show WXBR 1460AM radio, The Love by Intuition Show with Deborah Beauvais WARL 1320AM, Higher Dimensions with Phyllis Pricer BBS Radio, Inspirations Expressed with Tina Bueno, The Wise Woman Way with Susun Weed, Sisters of Honua Radio, Red Ice Radio, Spiritual But Not Religious TV with Host George Lewis, Raise Your Intuition IQ with Monique Chapman, The Gary Mantz Show 1150am KKNW Seattle, WA, Temple of Health Radio with Dr. Susan Kolb, Heaven Scent KKNW 1150AM with host Maureen St. Germain on The Doctor Pat Network.