Project Name
Love Breathe for Earth

Following the two year Blood Moon Lunar eclipse tetrad of 2014-2015 thirteen global mediations were organized for an experiential hypothesis on how nature and meditation can aid in the healing of our planet. Based on the concept of PTSD and how trauma can effect the human body, mind and spirit Hillary suggested love could do the same thing, but in a more positive way, if we focused on our individual memories of love how would that effect our full body experience? Challenging each person to find a spot in nature, contemplating what love is for each of person and while in a meditative state offer a breath of life to the natural world as they meditated. As people shared their stories of their experiences it became clear working consciously in nature was a benefit for both human and nature. Love Breathe for Earth is an evolving concept of meditation in nature focused on love and communion with the natural world.

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