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One Hour Consultations

Available via Skype or Phone – $500

Whether you are designing a home, office space, garden, corporation, product, talent, relationship, dream or goal, Hillary’s efforts focus on design and improving flow dynamics to increase productivity, overall wellness and helps to inspire a sense of happiness and peace along the way. Monthly retainer options available on request.

**Please Note: When payment is received you will be contacted by our scheduling coordinator to book your session. Payment must be received 24 hours prior to your scheduled session time in order to hold your reservation. This ensures respect for your own time as well as hers.**

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Hillary is a profound healer.  She has the ability to bring individuals to the center of their Truth. There is magic in the way she provides safety so that anyone can master all that keeps them from being fully connected and expressed.

– Esateys, former Board Member of Deepak Chopra’s Center for Mind/Body Connection, author of Help I’m Trapped in a Body! The Power of the Total Body Matrix

I have published many books on extremely varied subjects such as astrology, past-life regression, geology, biology, sacred geometry, and the Mayan Calendar. My work has been devoted to revealing the ancient Cherokee/Pleiadian records that were given to me by my Cherokee grandfather.

Now we are poised to make the critical leap, the next stage of our evolution, and these records are helping us move into heart resonance with Earth. I have a special resonance with Hillary Raimo. There are many people who have considered my thoughts on one or more of these subjects, but my real wisdom lies within the synthesis of these ancient records. Hillary is drawing this synthesis out of me in a series of interviews, and her questions always excite my mind. The importance of her work with me is culminating during the next few years during the end of the Mayan Calendar in 2011/2012.

– Barbara Hand Clow, internationally acclaimed ceremonial teacher, author, and Mayan Calendar researcher. Her numerous books include The Mayan Code, The Pleiadian Agenda, Alchemy of Nine Dimensions, Catastrophobia, Liquid Light of Sex and The Mayan Code.

When I met Hillary I was in a very dark place suffering deeply from emotional and physical traumas that never seemed to heal, despite having been in “traditional” counseling on and off for almost 20 years.  I was desperately searching for answers that would once and for all bring peace to my mind and healing to my body.

With a lot of apprehension I committed to the 13-month healing program.  Hillary provided gentle guidance as I started digging up some very deep, tangled roots.  I began to feel hope and recognized that my stories didn’t define me.  Little by little the energies began to shift and real healing started taking place.  Hillary lovingly bore witness as I began looking into my shadow, releasing limiting beliefs and recognizing that within my greatest fear lies my greatest strength.  During the times when I wanted to give up and run from the pain she continued to hold me in love and light, tenderly nurturing me and provocatively challenging me.  Her vision of my highest self was so enchanting that I couldn’t help but return for another glimpse.  Through this support I was able to take responsibility for my own healing and embrace the pain.  She taught me how to manifest my own changes through meditation, trusting my intuition, recognizing assistance from my guides, and participating in ceremonies and rituals.  These are precious tools that will last a lifetime!

Having now completed the 13-month journey I can say that it has been the most profound experience of my life! I have been able to reclaim myself and I am healing on all levels-mental, physical, emotional and spiritual.  I’ve written an end to my old story and I am now creating a new one.  Some unexpected treasures gained along the path have been the discovery of spiritual answers, a reconnection with the earth, embracing the cosmos and star beings, an ability to see into world events and political issues, and a deep sense of gratitude found in simplicity.  Hillary’s program is a life raft that will guide you home.”

– Little Hummingbird, New York

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